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Encom Discover 3D

The first fully integrated 3D GIS solution

Encom Discover 3D for MapInfo Professional is the first fully integrated 3D GIS solution for the resource sector. Built on top of the functionality and power of the award-winning Encom Discover, Discover 3D turns a 2D environment into a full 3D GIS system. By switching from the traditional 2D GIS mode to full 3D you can view and interact in real time with a range of GIS datasets.

Key features

  • Encom Discover 3D provides a seamless link with Encom Discover and MapInfo Professional GIS
  • Users can interrogate a range of data in the 3D space and bypass slower 2D methods
  • Maps, sections and level plans can be viewed in 3D along with annotated drillhole traces and 3D objects such as underground development, block models etc
  • Integration with Encom Discover and Encom Discover Mobile technologies

See more in the features gallery or the What's New in Discover 3D brochure.

Encom Discover 3D offers a versatile data integration environment which will not only raise the productivity of your multidisciplinary project teams but also provide them with a new platform to stimulate discussion, enrich exploration strategies and contribute to exploration success.

Encom Discover 3D

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