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Petroleum exploration database and GIS

Encom GPINFO combines a comprehensive database of Australasian petroleum exploration information and a powerful GIS for graphically viewing and manipulating the data.

Encom GPINFO is a subscription service, ensuring access to up-to-date permits, wells and other information for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The industry data standard

Encom's database of permits, wells and companies - used in Encom GPINFO and in the annual Petroleum Permits of Australasia Map and Book - is widely recognised as the data standard for the petroleum exploration industry.

More than 100 industry-related companies currently subscribe to Encom GPINFO, using it as a primary source for accurate and up-to-date exploration information.

Full data updates are issued monthly to subscribers. Basic data is also available all the time online with the Encom GPINFO Online service.

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With Encom GPINFO you can:

  • View permits, wells, seismic information and other data graphically on screen
  • Use powerful query options to refine your selections
  • Create reports and presentation quality graphics and maps
  • Export data to a range of popular formats
  • Access and view your own data within Encom GPINFO
  • Attach your own external files or documents to graphical objects
  • Find company details and contact information

Encom GPINFO Online

Encom GPINFO customers can also access basic data through Encom GPINFO Online. The Online version provides access to constantly updated data via the internet.

Giving users the flexibility to access the data from wherever they are in the world, Encom GPINFO Online is an ideal tool for one-off data requests or even as an industry "white pages" directory of contacts.

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Subscription information

A subscription to Encom GPINFO provides the initial installation, 11 further monthly updates, a User's Guide, monthly GPINFO Update newsletters and telephone support.

For more information about Encom GPINFO, contact Encom at gpinfo@encom.com.au or phone us on +61 2 9957 4117.

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