Adding User Data Layers in GPinfo

Vector Data

  1. Create a group to contain your user data layers.  Right-click in the Map Manager and select New then Group.  Enter your new user group name in capitals, such as MY DATA.

  2. Click and drag to re-position your new group within the layers of the Map Manager. You will probably want your group to appear above the system layers containing polygons and lines, so drag it above the FIELDS & PIPES group.

  3. Add a new data layer.  You can do this in one of the following ways -

    i) Select File then New Layer

    ii) Click on the Create new layer button which is leftmost on the button ribbon

    iii) Right-click in the Map Manager and select New and then LayerNote:  If you right click on your new group, the data layer will automatically be created inside that group.

  4. Browse to the folder containing the file you wish to add and select the file.  GPinfo will allow you to add data in any of the formats listed in the Files of type dropdown.  Your data will probably be in MapInfo or ESRI format.

  5. On the Define Input Data dialog, specify the co-ordinate system for your data.  The default is Lat/Lon GDA94 but you can change the datum or specify X/Y co-ordinates.

  6. If you select X/Y co-ordinates, the Projection details dialog is displayed.  It provides a list of popular projections.  Only the projection parameters appropriate to the currently selected projection are active at any one time. Note:  If you specify incorrect projection details your data will not display in the correct position in relation to other data in the Map window.

  7. Enter a name for your new layer as it is to be displayed in the Map Manager.  The default is the file name itself but you can specify a meaningful layer name.

  8. In the Properties dialog for the new layer, set up display parameters using the following tabs -

    Layer - set Data Type to Geometry (for polygons or lines) or Point, set Key to the unique identifier, set Name to the attribute to be used in graphical selections and the Finder tool.  Note:  If you are attaching Point data, you must set the Lat and Lon fields.

    Display - set display characteristics for the layer including fill colour, line style, line colour

    Transparency - set transparency for your layer if desired

    Labels - set annotations for your layer

    System - if you want to interrogate the new data, click Can Query and Can Theme

  9. A new layer is created in the Map Manager with the specified layer name.  Click and drag the new layer into your new user data group.

More information is available in the GPinfo Help sub-system.  See Help > Help topics.


You can add images into GPinfo as image layers. 

This is documented in the Help sub-system.  See Help > Help topics > Drag-and-drop image.