• Data Enhancements
    This month there are several changes to the GPinfo data - Permit Type/Status, Well Type/Resource, Multi-part Permits ...

  • Industry Summary
    Dart Energy, the de-merged company from Arrow Energy, has been officially listed on the Australian Securities Exchange ...

  • Permit Updates and Changes
    The Red Sky Energy farm-in with Clarence Moreton Resources P/L covers permits PEL 457, 478, 479 and PSPA 37 ...

Data Enhancements

This month there are several changes to the GPinfo data.  Please read the notes below for a full description of the changes.  These changes in the data structure necessitate changes in the structure of your GPinfo user configuration file.  Your configuration file should be updated automatically as part of the monthly update procedure.  However, you can manually apply the changes from View > Options > Updates and clicking the Update GPinfo system layers now button.

Permit Type

Until now, permit Type has been a combined field that representing the status of a permit as well as its type.  For example, a granted Production Licence undergoing a renewal was flagged in GPinfo with a Type of 'Renewing' rather than 'Production Licence' for the period of time that the renewal is in progress. 

In this month's update, the type and status of a permit have been separated.  The Type field now always contains the permit type. Valid entries are -

  -  Exploration Permit
  -  Gazettal
  -  Production Licence
  -  Retention Lease

An additional field called Status has been added to the Permits database to reflect the changing nature of the permit as it matures through its life cycle.  Valid entries are -

  -  Available
  -  Granted
  -  Relinquishing
  -  Renewing
  -  Suspended
  -  Under Application

Important: Please note that permit queries based on the Type field might now return different results and may need to be re-created.

To reflect this change in the data structure, the standard theme layers that are distributed as part of the GPinfo system have also been updated.  The theme layers shown below have all been altered. 

Individual member layers within a theme can be switched on as a convenient means of sub-setting the permit database without having to create queries.

Status is a text field of width 20 characters and it is found between the Type and Resource fields in the Permits and Geothermal layers.  If you routinely export the GPinfo data and have a script to import the Permits layer or Geothermal layer into a third party package you might need to alter the script to accommodate the Status field.  If you export directly from the MS Access database, the relevant tables are GDPermits and GDPermitsGeothermal.

Well Type

A similar situation exists with well Type.  Until now, well Type has been a combination of type and resource, with all coal seam gas wells entered as simply CSG and no way of distinguishing development wells from appraisal wells or exploration wells.

In this month's update, type and resource have been separated.  The Type field now always contains the well type. Valid entries are -

  -  Appraisal
  -  Development
  -  Exploration
  -  Stratigraphic
  -  Service

An additional field called Resource has been added to the Wells database.  Valid entries in the Resource field are -

  -  Coal Seam Gas
  -  Conventional
  -  Geothermal (Geothermal wells to be added to the database soon) 

Important: Please note that well queries based on the Type field might now return different results and may need to be re-created.

A query layer called Coal Seam Gas has been created in your WELLS group.  This query is based on the Resource field and it identifies all CSG wells in the database.

Resource is a text field of width 30 characters and it is has been appended after the last field on the Wells layer.  If you routinely export the GPinfo data and have a script to import the Wells into a third party package you might need to alter the script to accommodate the Resource field.  If you export directly from the MS Access database, the relevant table is PDWells.

Multi-part Permits

Multi-part permits have been combined into a single polygon with a single entry in the database.  Issues over confusing permit counts and duplicated list entries will no longer occur.

Multi-part permits are those permits that are comprised of several geographically separate areas. Previously in GPinfo, each geographic part had its own entry in the database.

Each part of a multi-part permit is annotated with the permit name (or whatever other label you have chosen for it).  This should have been set up for you as part of the monthly update process.  However, if not all of the parts are labelled, check that Auto annotation placement is turned on for the Permits layer.  To do this, right clicking on the Permits layer in the Map Manager and select Properties. On the Labels tab, click on the Advanced button to display the Advanced Annotation Options dialog. 

Industry Summary

Company News

Dart Energy, the de-merged company from Arrow Energy, has been officially listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company was admitted to the ASX on 20/07/2010 (ASX code DTE) after Arrow Energy received approval on 16/07/2010 from the Federal Court to spin-off its international assets into a de-merged entity. The spin-off is a result of Shell and PetroChina’s $3.4 billion takeover of Arrow. Under the takeover, Arrow investors will receive $4.70 per share plus one share in Dart Energy. Dart Energy will hold stakes in Australian listed companies Apollo Gas, Bow Energy and Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd as well as a 90% interest in Arrow International, which holds the existing portfolio of international assets in China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company began trading on the ASX on 22/07/2010. (Source: PetroleumNews, 20/07/2010).

BP has signed a $US7 billion ($A7.9 billion) deal to sell a package of upstream assets to Apache Energy as part of its move to divest $US10 billion in assets to generate the cash it needs to meet obligations arising from the Gulf of Mexico spill. The assets in the Permian Basin, Texas and southeast New Mexico, western Canada and Egypt have total estimated proved reserves of 385 million barrels of oil equivalent and produced 28,000 barrels of oil and 331 million cubic feet of gas per day – a total of about 83,000 bbl of oil equivalent per day – during the first half of 2010. This represents almost 13% of Apache’s current production of 646,866 boed. As a part of the acquisition, Apache will advance $5 billion of the purchase price to BP on July 30 2010. The assets in the US Permian Basin consist of 10 field areas with estimated proved reserves of 141 million boe with first-half 2010 net production of 15,110 bbl of liquids and 81MMcfd and two operated gas plants while the Canadian acreage has estimated proved reserves of 22 MMboe. The Egyptian assets consist of four development leases and one exploration concession. (Source: PetroleumNews, 21/07/2010).

Cue Energy Resources Ltd has completed the sale of its interest in PRL 8 in Papua New Guinea for US$5.14M in cash. The purchaser was Talisman Energy Niugini Ltd and the deal was effected by selling 100% of the shares in Cue’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Omati Oil P/L. The only asset held by the subsidiary is a 10.7% interest in PRL 8, which contains the Kimu gas field. (Source: Cue Energy ASX Announcement, 10/08/2010).

Mosaic Oil NL has completed the sale of its wholly-owned PNG subsidiary Mosaic Oil Niugini Ltd which holds 28.571% interest in PRL 8 containing the Kimu gas discovery, to Talisman Energy Niugini Ltd, a subsidiary of Talisman Energy Inc. of Canada. Mosaic has received an initial US$11 million cash payment. Under the terms of the sale contract, Talisman will, at no cost to Mosaic, drill an appraisal well and undertake corresponding reserves certification work to determine the contingent reserves payment before 31 December 2012. In addition to the initial payment, Mosaic will receive a contingent cash payment of either US$0.10 per gigajoule for any proven plus probable (2P) reserve increases prior to 31 December 2012, or a firm, fixed amount of US$2.7 million in cash at any time before an appraisal well is drilled. (Source: Mosaic Oil ASX Announcement, 10/08/2010).

Drillsearch Energy has announced that it has agreed to sell its 2% Naccowlah Block JV interest, consisting of exploration permit ATP 259P and associated production licences, to Bounty Oil & Gas NL for $1.15 million comprising $950,000 in cash and $200,000 in Bounty fully paid shares. Bounty has already paid a non-refundable deposit of $105,000. The Naccowlah Block is operated by Santos, which recently started a five-well drilling campaign on the licence and had success with the first well, Watson West 1. The sale of the Naccowlah block interest is subject to completion of certain documentation conditions and the effective date of the purchase is 1 April 2010. (Source, Drillsearch ASX Announcement, PetroleumNews, 16/08/2010).

Development News

Chevron Australia has signed up Korea Gas Corp. as a foundation customer for its proposed Wheatstone LNG project off Western Australia. Heads of Agreement has been drawn up under which Kogas will buy 1.5 million tonnes/year of LNG from the development for up to 20 years. Kogas will take 75% of this supply from Chevron’s share and the remaining 25% from other Wheatstone hub participants—at this stage Apache Energy and Kufpec Australia. Kogas will also take as much as a 5% stake in the Wheatstone project itself. This will include the field licenses, the onshore LNG plant, and the domestic gas processing facilities. (Source: Oil & Gas Journal, 20/07/2010).

Monadelphous has secured an $85 million contract from Chevron for the installation of a transmission pipeline at the Gorgon project on Barrow Island. The contract, which was awarded to the company’s transmission pipeline business KT Pipeline Services, comprises the installation of onshore pipelines, cables and tubes. Work on the contract will start immediately. (Source: PetroleumNews, 29/07/2010).

Interoil and Japan’s Mitsui & Co have signed a joint venture operating agreement for the proposed $US550 million ($A600 million) condensate stripping facility at Interoil’s Elk and Antelope fields in Gulf province, Papua New Guinea. The JV agreement replaces the preliminary works agreement signed in April for the condensate stripping facility. Under the new agreement, Mitsui and InterOil will each have a 50% ownership stake in the facility which is estimated to cost $US550 million with around $US32 million of this expended for front-end engineering and design. Mitsui will be responsible for arranging or providing financing for the capital costs of the plant. The two companies also signed an option deed under which Mitsui has options to acquire an interest of up to 5% in the Elk and Antelope fields and in the proposed liquefied natural gas project once a final investment decision on the condensate stripping facility has been made. The condensate stripping project is aimed at processing 400 million cubic feet of gas to yield about 9000 barrels of condensate per day. Dry gas will then be reinjected into the reservoir for storage until the proposed Liquid Niugini Gas LNG facility has been built. Front-end engineering and design work on the project has been ongoing since April with a final investment decision on the project expected by the end of March 2011. The plant is expected to be operational by no later than mid-2013. (Source: PetroleumNews, 05/08/2010).


Stuart Petroleum may have struck an untapped oil reservoir at its Worrior oil field in the Cooper Basin after the Worrior 7 development well intersected 4 m of net oil pay in the Birkhead formation. The company said it was assessing the impact of the find on reserves, adding that Worrior 7 had also struck 6 m of net oil pay in the primary target McKinlay member of the Namur sandstone. Stuart will now complete the well as a McKinlay and Birkhead oil producer tied back into the Worrior oil production facility. Production is expected to start in August. (Source: PetroleumNews, 22/07/2010).

Oil producer Stuart Petroleum announced on 29/07/2010 a shale gas study had concluded its Cooper Basin tenements could contain 38-60 trillion cubic feet of shale gas-in-place. The scoping study, undertaken by MHA Petroleum Consultants, found that thick shale accumulations in the southern Cooper Basin were thermally mature for the generation of liquids-rich natural gas. MHA has estimated that up to 60 tcf of natural gas may be trapped in the Permian-aged Roseneath and Murteree shales in the Allunga Trough and Mettika Embayment in Stuart’s exploration permit PEL 516. (Source: PetroleumNews, Stuart Petroleum ASX Announcement, 29/07/2010).

An independent report has estimated Green Rock Energy’s Alkimos permits north of Perth have a geothermal resource of 61,000 petajoules of stored heat. Green Rock holds two permits, GEP 2 and GEP 39, covering 340 square kilometres 40 km north of Perth and plans to provide energy for the planned suburb of Alkimos using geothermal-powered absorption chillers. The company will be discussing the locations of two exploration wells with landowner LandCorp to further define the resource and best production licences. The wells, to be 50% funded by the WA government, will be drilled to a depth of 500 m. (Source: PetroleumNews, 09/08/2010).

Chevron has found more gas to support its long-term liquefied natural gas growth plans in the Asia Pacific region, with a natural gas discovery in the frontier Exmouth Plateau area of Western Australia’s Carnarvon Basin. The company said the Brederode 1 exploration well in WA-364-P 350 km northwest of Onslow encountered about 15 metres of net gas pay. Brederode 1 was drilled with the Atwood Eagle semi-submersible rig to a depth of 2750 m and follows the 2009 Kentish Knock discovery in the same area last year. (Source: PetroleumNews, 13/08/2010).

Woodside Petroleum has announced that Alaric 1 exploration well in WA-434-P had intersected about 185 m of gross gas over several zones within the Triassic target while initial analysis of drilling fluids suggests the gas could be liquids rich. Alaric 1 is being deepened to ensure the full gas column is penetrated. This will be followed by wireline logging to recover gas samples before the well is plugged and abandoned as planned. (Source: PetroleumNews, 16/08/2010).

Permit Updates and Changes

New South Wales

The Red Sky Energy farm-in with Clarence Moreton Resources P/L covers permits PEL 457, PEL 478, PEL 479 and PSPA 37. Red Sky has a right to earn an initial 30% interest in both CSG and conventional rights in each permit by drilling one well and an additional 40% interest in each permit by expending $3m on further exploration.  Red Sky has a right to buy out the remaining interest. The initial phase will comprise drilling two wells this year. Red Sky is the Operator of the permits.

In the Sydney Basin, Dart Energy has committed to the second phase of the farm in work which will involve expenditure of a further A$7 million after which Dart will have a 50% interest in PEL 458.

Northern Territory

The Red Sky Energy and Central Petroleum farm-in agreement was terminated and Red Sky has withdrawn from the following permits in the Amadeus, Pedirka, Georgina and Wiso Basins: EP 105, EP 106, EP 112, EP 115, EP 118, EP 125, EP 82, EP(A) 92, EP(A) 111, EP(A) 120, EP(A) 124, EP(A) 129, EP(A) 131, EP(A) 132, EP(A) 133, EP(A) 137, EP(A) 147, EP(A) 149, EP(A) 152 and EP(A) 160.  Red Sky’s interest was returned to participating Central Petroleum subsidiaries - Merlin Energy P/L, Frontier Oil & Gas P/L, Ordiv Petroleum P/L and Helium Australia P/L.

In the Pedirka Basin, Merlin Energy P/L has entered into an agreement with Rawson Resources to farm-in into the Pellinor Block within EP 97 (please refer to permit EP 97 P in GPinfo). Merlin will complete and fund 100 km of 2D seismic and drill one well within the Pellinor Block to earn an 80% interest.

EP(A) 190 is a new application in the McArthur Basin by Armour Energy P/L 100% over 13,170 sq km.

EP(A) 191 and EP(A) 192 are new applications in the Georgina Basin by Armour Energy P/L 100% over 15,246 sq km and 9,487 sq km respectively.


In the Galilee Basin, ATP 1010P was granted on 19/07/2010 to Queensland Energy Resources Ltd 100%. The licence will expire on 31/07/2022. Unsuccessful applications ATP 1011P and ATP 1012P over the same area were cancelled.

In the Bowen Basin, ATP 364P has undergone a partial relinquishment and now covers a reduced area of 4,153 sq km.

The following permits have been renewed -

Licence                        Basin                       New Expiry Date

ATP 526P                     Bowen                          31/10/2012
ATP 529P                     Drummond                    30/11/2012
ATP 539P                     Eromanga                     31/01/2013
ATP 645P                     Surat                            31/12/2019

In the Cooper Basin, Adelaide Energy is reducing its 20% interest in ATP 855P (held through its 100% owned subsidiaries, Deka Resources P/L and Well Traced P/L) to 7.5%. Further details are not being disclosed until the deal is completed.

The Red Sky Energy and Central Petroleum farm-in agreement was terminated and Red Sky Energy has withdrawn from the following permits in the Georgina Basin: ATP 909P, ATP 911P and ATP 912P. Red Sky’s interest was returned to participating Central Petroleum subsidiary, Merlin Energy P/L.

In the Galilee Basin, ATP 974P and ATP 978P were granted to Nazara Energy P/L 100% on 19/07/2010. Both licences will expire on 31/07/2022. Unsuccessful applications ATP 975P, ATP 976P, ATP 977P, ATP 979P, ATP 980P, ATP 981P, ATP 982P and ATP 983P over the same areas were cancelled. Mitsui E&P Australia has until 31/10/2010 to exercise its option to acquire 49% of Westside's existing interest in these licences.

In the Surat Basin, PL 280 was granted on 01/08/2010 to Longreach Oil Ltd 50% (operator) and Brisbane Petroleum 50%. The licence will expire on 31/07/2031.

In the Cooper Basin PL 302 was granted on 29/07/2010. The licence will expire on 31/07/2031. Participants in the licence are: Santos Ltd (operator) 40%, Delhi Petroleum P/L 32%, Vamgas P/L 15.5%, Mawson Petroleum P/L 6.5%, Drillsearch Energy Ltd 2%, Inland Oil (Production) P/L 2% and Australian Gasfields Ltd  2%.

Also in the Surat Basin, PL 310 was granted on 29/07/2010 to Santos QNT P/L 60% (operator) and PAPL (Upstream) P/L 40%. The licence will expire on 31/07/2031.

The following are new production licence applications in Queensland -

Application       Basin                        Applicant                                            Area, sq km

PL 397              Surat Bowen               Pure Energy Resources P/L                     229
PL 398              Bowen                        Pure Energy Resources P/L                     229
PL 399              Bowen                        Pure Energy Resources P/L                     158
PL 400              Surat Bowen               Pure Energy Resources P/L                     124
PL 401              Surat Bowen               Pure Energy Resources P/L                     142
PL 402              Surat Bowen               Pure Energy Resources P/L                     216
PL 403              Surat                          Australia Pacific LNG P/L                          37
PL 404              Surat                          Australia Pacific LNG P/L                        154
PL 405              Surat                          Australia Pacific LNG P/L                        197
PL 406              Bowen                        Australia Pacific LNG P/L                          96
PL 407              Surat                          Australia Pacific LNG P/L                        210
PL 409              Cooper                       As for ATP 259P I - Innamincka Block        47
PL 410              Cooper                       As for
ATP 259P AB - Aquitaine B Block    48
PL 411              Cooper                       As for ATP 259P WR - Wareena Block     111

Geothermal Permits

In the Cooper Basin, EPG 49 and EPG 51 were granted to Icon Energy Ltd 100%. The licences will expire on 31/07/2015. Unsuccessful applications EPG 48 and EPG 50 over the same areas were cancelled.

South Australia

In the Arckaringa Basin, PEL 124 has had its expiry date extended to 01/10/2013.

In the Arrowie Basin, PEL 132 has had its expiry date extended to 22/02/2013.

In the Cooper Basin, Innamincka Petroleum has completed its acquisition of a 37.6% stake in PEL 182 and ADX sale of 49.9% to Victoria Petroleum has been completed. The participants in PEL 182 are - Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) P/L (operator) 49.9%, Innamincka Petroleum Ltd 37.6%, Dome Petroleum Resources plc 7.5% and Australian Oil Company No 2 P/L 5%.

The Red Sky Energy and Central Petroleum farm-in agreement was terminated and Red Sky Energy has withdrawn from PELA 77 in the Pedirka Basin. Red Sky’s interest was returned to participating Central Petroleum subsidiary Merlin Energy P/L.

Geothermal Permits

The following geothermal permits have had their expiry dates extended

Licence            Basin                      New Expiry Date

GEL 294           Gawler Craton              10/08/2013
GEL 295
           Gawler Craton              10/08/2013
GEL 337          
Adelaide Fold               31/08/2015
GEL 338          
Adelaide Fold               31/08/2015
GEL 339          
Adelaide Fold               31/08/2015
GEL 354          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 355          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 356          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 357          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 358          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 359          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 360          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 361          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 362          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 363          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 364          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 365          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 377          
Eromanga                    25/11/2013
GEL 498
           Otway                          31/10/2014
GEL 503
           Adelaide Fold               17/12/2015
GEL 504
           Adelaide Fold               17/12/2015
GEL 505
           Adelaide Fold               17/12/2015
GEL 506
           Adelaide Fold               17/12/2015
GEL 507
           Adelaide Fold               17/12/2015
GEL 523
           Adelaide Fold               03/06/2016
GEL 524
           Adelaide Fold               03/06/2016

GEL 525           Adelaide Fold               03/06/2016

In the Arrowie Basin, application GELA 559 was granted as GEL 559 to Torrens Energy Ltd, 100%, on 27/07/2010. The licence covers 1,776 sq km and will expire on 26/07/2015.


In the Otway Basin, PEP 151 has had its expiry date extended to 15/02/2014.

Also in the Otway Basin, Beach Energy assumed operatorship of PEP 168 on 19/07/2010.

In the Gippsland Basin, production licences VIC/L 15, VIC/L 16, VIC/L 17 and VIC/L 18 are being renewed.

Also in the Gippsland Basin, VIC/P 60 was relinquished on 22/07/2010.

Western Australia

There are 7 new onshore gazettal areas being released in September 2010 -

Licence                        Basin                          Closing Date

L 10-6                          
Canning                        10/03/2011
L 10-7                           Canning                        10/03/2011
L 10-8                           Canning                        10/03/2011
L 10-9                           Canning                        10/03/2011
L 10-10                         Canning                        10/03/2011
L 10-11                        
Carnarvon                     10/03/2011
L 10-12                         Perth                            10/03/2011

The Red Sky Energy and Central Petroleum farm-in agreement was terminated and Red Sky Energy has withdrawn from the following permits in the Amadeus Basin: 16/09-9 EP, 17/08-9 EP and 18/08-9 EP. Red Sky’s interest was returned to participating Central Petroleum subsidiary Merlin West P/L.

In the Perth Basin, DR 10 expired on 05/07/2010.

In the Perth Basin, Alcoa of Australia has formally committed to funding the Warro 4 appraisal well in EP 321 and a 3D seismic program at a cost of more than $20 million to earn 65% interest in the project.

Also in the Perth Basin, Norwest Energy is negotiating a farm-out for TP/15 and EP 413. The proposed farm-in partner is finalising internal approval processes. The farm-in partner will provide funding for the drilling of the proposed Red Hill South well in TP/15 as well as for the EP 413 shale gas project to earn equity in the two permits.

Carnarvon Basin permits EP 424, WA-254-P and WA-399-P  have had their expiry dates extended to 13/10/2011, 11/11/2011 and 06/05/2014 respectively.

In addition, Canning Basin permit EP 429 has had its expiry date extended to 05/09/2012.  It has also had its Year 6 work program varied to - 120k 2D seismic - $1m.

Canning Basin permit EP 431 has had its expiry date extended to 06/10/2011. 

Browse Basin permit WA-408-P has had its expiry date extended to 17/04/2015.  It has also had its Year 3 work program varied to - geotechnical studies $2.5m, 3 wells - $67m, 350k 3D seismic - $3.5m.

In the Barrow Basin, EP 61 was reduced in area to 6.3 sq km due to the grant of retention licence R 4 (application 3/08-9 R) over part of EP 61. Retention licence R 4 will expire on 02/08/2015.

In the Carnarvon Basin, WA-202-P was renewed with reduction in area until 02/08/2015. The licence now covers 242 sq km. The new work program is as follows -

Year 1 - 400k 3D seismic reprocessing - $0.8m
Year 2 - geotechnical studies - $0.2m
Year 3 - geotechnical studies - $0.2m
Year 4 - geotechnical studies - $0.2m
Year 5 - 1 well - $10m

Geothermal Permits

Only one gazettal area, G 10-355 in the Perth Basin, out of the whole state acreage release received bids and is currently under assessment. The rest of geothermal 2010 gazetted areas did not receive any bids and revert to vacant acreage.

New Zealand

In the Taranaki Basin, Genesis Power Ltd has transferred its 100% interest in PEP 381204 to Kea Oil and Gas Ltd and New Zealand Oil & Gas is acquiring 20% from Mighty River Power Gas Investments Ltd in PEP 51558.

Also in the Taranaki Basin, the interests in the permit PEP 38524 have changed to the following: AWE New Zealand P/L (operator) 60%, Roc Oil (Tasman) P/L 20%, Carnarvon Petroleum (NZ) Ltd 10% and Kea Oil and Gas Ltd 10%.

PEP 52181 EX is a new application for an extension in area over 140 sq km for PEP 52181 in the Taranaki Basin.

In the Southland Basin, PEP 38237 was relinquished on 23/07/2010.

In the Taranaki Basin, PEP 51244 was relinquished on 13/07/2010.

In the Canterbury Basin, PEP 38262 is being renewed.

In the Northland Basin, PEP 38602 is being renewed.

Also in the Northland Basin, application for production licence PMP 38162 was withdrawn on 29/07/2010.

In the Westland Basin, PEP 50439 extension of the area was granted. The licence now covers 1,515 sq km.

Papua New Guinea

In the Papuan Basin, Blue Energy is currently in the process of relinquishing permits PPL 271, PPL 272, PPL 273 and 274.

Also in the Papuan Basin, Oil Search has reached an agreement with Santos (Barracuda Ltd) to increase its stake in PRL 9, which contains the Barikewa gas find, from 42.55% to 45.05%. This could increase by another 30% depending on the future drilling program.

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